Artist | Maker | Teacher

I love nature and I love making art. These are the two pillars of my creative output. When I am in nature, forms I see inspire me to gather sticks, stones, rocks, pods, and glass. The reflective quality of mirror often repeats the mirror of water in nature. I am also comfortable creating sculpture, some functional, some just aesthetically pleasing and challenging.

I’m happy as long as my hands are expressing what is in my heart and what my vision brings into my soul. The pieces I make are inspired by the nature forms I see in my everyday  – branches, leaves, flowers, stones.

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Sticks | Clay | Paint

I love woodworking because there are so many ways to use the material, but I will always want the plasticity of clay and the liquidity of paint.


 Made in Nature

Nature has always inspired me. The materials I use for my art come from the earth — most of them I have found and used in one piece or another.


In the Works

My studio is filled with beginnings, middles and sometimes ends of a project. I’ve stopped wondering if this is the right process. It’s my process.


 Not Without My Tools

My workspace might look like chaos to the casual observer, but ask me for any one of my favorite tools and I will present it with the pride of a surgeon — just don’t walk away with it.